Proposal Process

VBHRC/“the catalyst” is now accepting funding requests for Round Six to fund translational medicine projects in the life sciences. Projects should have a significant impact on human health and accelerate commercializing technologies emanating from collaborations with Virginia's research universities and industry. Letters of Intent (LOI) must be received by September 8, 2016 to be considered for funding in Round Six (LOI guidelines can be found in the download section).

VBHRC’s sixth round of funding is open to projects throughout the life sciences including neuroscience, cardio/metabolic diseases, drug discovery, genomics, cancer, diagnostics, and therapies. The LOIs will be evaluated by the Project Management and Oversight Panel (PMOP) to determine if the projects meet required criteria (see criteria below). The projects that meet criteria will be invited to submit a formal 12 page PowerPoint presentation (see download section for a copy of the formal PowerPoint Project Presentation template).

Project teams are invited to submit a draft of their project presentation to obtain feedback and guidance from the PMOP prior to the face to face presentations at VBHRC. Projects will be scored and ranked by the PMOP. The PMOP will then make funding recommendations to the Board of Directors (a copy of the scorecard can be found in the download section). The Board of Directors makes all funding decisions. Project teams will be notified of the decisions of the Board. If awarded a grant, award contracts will be executed and subsequently, initial disbursements will be made. Disbursements of funding for Round Six are targeted for mid-December 2016.

Guidelines Project Scoring Elements Outcome Metrics To submit your project to VBHRC, please download and complete the Application/Letter of Intent (LOI) Form. Then, email it to so that we may begin our process of evaluation. To see more detailed criteria for which your project is measured, please take a look at our Scorecard.